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Junior sales positions available at UrbanYou! Are you ready to throw yourself into a fast paced, high energy environment to propel your already ambitious sales career? Do you have a friendly, positive and ‘let’s do it’ attitude? If so, this is your dream role whereby you’ll join an incredibly driven team and start your journey to becoming

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Business Development & Partner Manager We’re looking for an ambitious, energetic, target-driven individual to help us scale-up our high growth B2B Partner network. Do you thrive in a high-paced environment, and love being creative with sales strategies? Are you a people-person with a succe

Help your mate and earn a FREE clean!

Thinking about your week, how much housework do you do? I bet it’s more than you thought. Most Australians undertake a whopping 10-14 hours a week trying to keep on top of cleaning, tidying and laundry, in addition to working part or full time. Then, this total time sap doubles once kids arriv

Celebrate Flexible Working

We all could use more flexibility in our work lives. Whether it’s getting to the bank during business hours, taking your pet to the veterinarian (which closes at 5pm) or attending your child’s school play, these are the parts of life that should not be or cannot be missed but they often take

Is your home ready for winter?

This winter you might hear people using the word “Hygge” which refers to “a form of togetherness” but is most commonly used to describe a cozy, warm Nordic feel. Since the late 20th century it has been a defining characteristic of Danish culture but is relatively new down under. The “Hy

Top 5 Worst Mother’s Day Gifts

It is that time of year again, we all know we love and appreciate Mum all year long but now is the time to show it. We can’t tell you what your mum would like, but we can give you a few options to definitely avoid. A “Mum” Tattoo As much as she would appreciate the pain and commitment, there

Don’t drown in your to-do list. Do this instead

Do you ever get to the end of the working week, only to realise you can’t have me-time on the weekend, because all those mundane, household jobs are waiting? It’s a common problem, particularly when almost half (47.4 per cent) of two parent families have mum and dad working in some capacity. Ad

Don’t wait for the robots: How you can create a smart home today.

Experts at Mckinsey predict most people will live in a smart home filled with smart devices in the future. Homes will be run by bots (virtual assistants doing tasks like ordering takeaway meals) anticipating our needs and acting like the ‘brain’ of the house. A study conducted by Juniper Rese

11 Cheap Ways to Keep Your House Cooler

When the temperature is way too high, it’s very tempting to just crank up the air conditioner to cool ourselves down. However, that doesn’t bode well for our electricity bill. Thankfully, there are ways to make your house cooler without breaking the bank. Here are some of them. 1. Let the co

What will chores be like in 2018 and beyond?

Can you imagine a life without Wi-Fi, Facebook or even UBER? We are moving closer to a world in which technology is such a crucial part of how we live, that when Facebook doesn’t load, there’s mass panic on Twitter! In Australia, technology has affected how we do basic household chores. Tech