“Sweeping The Dust” for Lunar New Year | Cultural Cleaning Beliefs

Did you know Spring Cleaning and Asian New Year Traditions share in their significance? The Asian community start preparing as early as Day 12 of the lunar calendar (8th February 2018).  They carry out a spring clean of their home where it is also known as 'sweeping the dust' or 'sweeping away bad luck'.  Based on cultural significance, it

How to Clean Your Desk | Office Desk Organisation Tips

How To Clean Your Desk When we think about what we have to clean, there’s one thing we all tend to overlook, and that is our office desk.   We spend 5 days a week living, breathing, even eating on those desks, so it’s definitely worth the time to clean. Maintaining the surrounding office is i

New Year, New Routine

House look like a cyclone has hit it? Now that the kids are back to school it's time to get the house back in order! Ellaslist provide some tips that will change your house – and your life. Featuring UrbanYou home cleaning.

Outsource your home chores to the professionals

From cleaning to household maintenance, Robert Palmer and the Today hosts discuss the top platforms helping busy people outsource their home chores.

Grow your network to increase your chances of funding

Raising capital is a challenge many entrepreneurs face no matter where they are on their journey. As UrbanYou kicks off a Series A round they share tips learnt along the way.

Women in Business

Host Tracey Sheen speaks with two founders whose businesses do not fit your traditional ‘run of the mill’ kind of business model. Two formidable female entrepreneurs (Elysse Daniels - Exodus Wear, and Elke Keeley – UrbanYou) waving the flag for all women in business and inspiring us to keep on

Outsourcing your life

There is an app for everything, and these apps are designed to make your life easier. Trevor Long demonstrates UrbanYou to showcase the seamless ease to find help around the home at the click of a button.