What would you do with an extra couple of hours each day? How would you feel if your home cleaning tasks were taken care of for you, freeing up a little bit of extra time for completing other tasks, to spend with the people close to you, or to simply relax? This is what UrbanYou aim to provide with our cleaners services in St George.

We understand what modern life is all about, we understand the pace you are expected to keep up with and the tasks you are expected to accomplish each day, and we understand that – sometimes – things just fall by the wayside. This is often the case with housework, which frequently gets left until the end of the day when tiredness and fatigue begin to get the better of us. By enlisting UrbanYou’s services, you can avoid this dilemma and compromise when it comes to housework, and simply enjoy great cleaning services in St George.

UrbanYou provide expert home services, and our online booking system is aimed at creating a comprehensive, customisable and complete set of solutions aimed at making your home the best it can be. Fall in love with your home again; give UrbanYou a call today.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Verified Cleaning Checklist
  • Trusted Professionals
  • Upfront Pricing
  • Cashless & Convenient
  • Same Day Availability

Thank you UrbanYou, you have made my life easy! The booking process was seamless, and I now have cleaners coming regularly and at a reliable time. My cleaner Lidia is polite, professional and does a fantastic job – my house is spotless!

Helen, Bondi