Code of Conduct


UrbanYou acts as an agent connecting customers (recipients of the services) with businesses (the provider of the services). UrbanYou maintains a code of conduct that businesses must comply with in the provision of these services. Businesses includes contractors, agents and subcontractors.

In the provision of Services, the Business will:

  • treat Customers, representatives of Customers and UrbanYou staff with respect and dignity; provide services in a way that is sensitive to the culture, religion and background of the Customer and their family members or representatives;
  • not impose their religious or political beliefs or ethical values on the Customer; provide services in a safe and ethical manner, free from discrimination, bullying harassment, abuse and exploitation;
  • act professionally and in the best interest of the Customer and UrbanYou at all times;
  • (if an adverse event occurs) take appropriate and timely action, to minimize harm to the Customer and any other individuals involved. This may include having appropriate first aid available, contacting emergency services and reporting the event to the relevant authority;
  • act ethically and honestly at all times when providing services or engagement with a Customer or UrbanYou;
  • not misinform, provide false or misleading information;
  • declare any conflict of interest to the Company;
  • not provide services while smoking, under the influence or in possession of alcohol or any unlawful substances;
  • not financially exploit the Customer. This includes accepting gifts, or asking the Customer to give, lend or bequeath one to benefit (directly or indirectly) the service provider;
  • not engage in behaviour of a sexual nature;
  • not engage in harassing or bullying behaviour;
  • not engage in physical fighting, disorderly conduct, use threatening or abusive language;
  • not perform any act that is in breach of anti-discrimination legislation;
  • not engage in a sexual or other inappropriate close personal, physically or emotional relationship with a customer;
  • to willfully damage, destroy or steal property belonging to the Customer;
  • provide services in a safe manner and with regard to any relevant standards and legislation;
  • act with due diligence and care with regard to all parties involved;
  • keep confidential any personal and health related information of the Customer;
  • comply with any relevant privacy legislation around health records including the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and any relevant state or territory;
  • not smoke at the Customer’s residence, or within sight of the customers residence even if permitted by the Customer;
  • not sell any products to the Customer or the Customer’s family;
  • not solicit or accept any gift from the Customer or the Customer’s family;
  • not use the Customer’s residence to entertain or accommodate family, friends or pets of the Business;
  • not attend to the Business’s own affairs such as business, shopping or banking;
  • not (except in an emergency) use the Customer’s telephone, facsimile or internet facilities for personal use;
  • not do such other things as the Company shall advise in writing from time to time during the term of employment.