The mystery of the missing socks…where do they all go? Maybe sucked into the tumbling vortex of the clothes dryer, wedged down into the darkness of the draw cavity, or buried deep in the backyard by the dog.  Wherever they are, there is a pile of sad odd socks left behind, and Lost Sock Memorial Day on Thursday 9 May is your chance to mourn these dearly departed foot warmers.

OR, you can put a stop to this madness and help us rescue these missing socks. Let’s dig into the couch, change the lint catcher, pull out the bed, and even turn the puppy upside down to track down these footsie friends.

To make our mission even easier, the cleaning experts at UrbanYou are available to give your home the ultimate deep clean. As standard we’ll wipe skirting boards, dust air vents, and detail light switches and door frames. And, you can customise your service with extras such as cleaning the oven, windows, blinds, walls and even carpet steam-cleaning. For the full list of inclusions, see our detailed Spring Cleaning Checklist.

Now that we’re happily reuniting odd socks across Australia, our next mission is to find the missing pens!

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