Provider Handbook – Cleaning

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Cleaning Checklists

Important UrbanYou Contacts

UrbanYou Support – 1300 048 566
UrbanYou Job Alert (SMS service only): 0419 764 794
UrbanYou After Hours: 1300 048 566
Email us on

When to call us?

  • If you’re running late do not call the customer. Please call UrbanYou on 1300 048 566 and we’ll call the customer and let them know.
  • If you find on you pre clean walk through that the number of rooms does not match the quote, or if the job seems different from what you expected
  • If you find on you pre clean walk through that there is pre existing damage
  • If you find on you pre clean walk through that the property is in poor condition
  • If you have any issues on the job e.g. damage or injury
  • If the customer has additional requests that are not part of the original booking
  • If your having trouble accessing the property or finding adequate parking
  • If you need to reschedule or cancel a booking
  • If you are experiencing technical issues with the APP and can’t see your confirmed booking
  • If you are in an emergency situation especially when attending to an NDIS booking

Video tutorials

We’ve created some great videos so you can see exactly what an UrbanYou clean looks like

What Equipment should you have

You must take a full cleaning kit on every job. At a minimum, your cleaning kit should include:

  • Vacuum
  • Mop and bucket in good condition
  • Cleaning product and cloths

Customer Feedback and Star Ratings

  • UrbanYou holds an average Customer Rating of 4.5 stars, and we expect all Service Providers to uphold that minimum average.
  • After every job we ask our customers to rate their service and provide feedback we will send this to you via email.
  • If you receive negative feedback, our Support team will be in contact to let you know the details and ask questions about the job.
  • If the negative feedback is due to failure on the part of the Service Provider, you may be required to attend to reclean the area free of charge, you may negotiate a partial or full refund. In the case of serious failures a strike will be issued
  • Should you fail to maintain a 4.5*average or receive 3 strikes, you will be removed from the system

Removal from the network

UrbanYou only work with businesses of the highest professional standards, and we offer our customers a 100% customer service guarantee.

Businesses face removal from our system if they do not meet these standards. This includes:

  • Poor quality of service
  • Ongoing negative feedback from customers
  • Consistently bad timekeeping
  • Cancellations as a result of poor service or poor behaviour
  • Approaching customers to work directly
  • Breach of the UrbanYou Code of Conduct
  • Attending a UY job without your ID card
  • One of your team members attending a UY jobs without an ID card

Quality Control and Spot Checks

We have a team of Quality Control Officers whose job it is to ensure UrbanYou’s high standard of work is being met.

Our QC officers will visit you on the job at least once every 3 months. They’ll walk through the property, run through the checklist and give the service an overall rating. It’s also a great opportunity to ask any questions you might have!

Spot Checks will be contacted at random and without warning. QC officers will attend your job to ensure:

  • Providers have arrive and/or leave on time
  • All Providers onsite have an UrbanYou ID card
  • Providers are dressed appropriately have have the necessary equipment

Cancellations and Changes

UrbanYou has a strict Cancellation Policy. This policy is in place to protect both providers and consumers from the inconvenience of last-minute booking changes.

If a customer cancels a job within 12 hours of the service we will charge them a fee equivalent to 2 hours of work, and pay this to you.

Any changes or cancellations made by the Service Provider within 24-hours of the booking will incur a 2-hour penalty fee and strike.


All Providers who attend UrbanYou jobs must be insured. If you have your own insurance, please make sure it is up to date and valid.
If you are using UrbanYou’s insurance we deduct $8 per week. This insurance covers UrbanYou jobs only. This does not cover you for cleaning jobs outside of the UrbanYou network.
The UY policy has an excess of $500. In the event of a claim, you will only pay $500, the insurance will pay up to $5 000 000.


Your business is liable for any damage that you cause on site. Please ensure you do a ‘Pre- clean walk through’ before starting a job to look for damage.
Photograph any marks or scratches, and call us to let us know before starting the service.
In the event there is Damage, our Support team will provide you with the details of the damage claim and outline next steps.


Before and after photographs are compulsory on all EOL and Spring Clean Jobs. Please ensure that you photograph any pre-existing damage, or if you cause any damage onsite.


Exchange of keys with a customer is a private agreement between you and them. It is your responsibility to return the key when the job comes to an end.

Travel and Parking

UrbanYou does not pay for travel or parking. Please ensure you check the travel and parking options before accepting a job.

UrbanYou Code of Conduct

UrbanYou maintains a very high standard of behaviour, with reliability, quality and professionalism at our core. We expect all Service Providers on the network to uphold this standard when representing UrbanYou. Please ensure you are familiar with the UrbanYou Code of Conduct.

Terms and Conditions

By accepting any booking offered to you by UrbanYou, you agree to the Service Provider Terms & Conditions.