11 Cheap Ways to Keep Your House Cooler

When the temperature is way too high, it’s very tempting to just crank up the air conditioner to cool ourselves down. However, that doesn’t bode well for our electricity bill.

Thankfully, there are ways to make your house cooler without breaking the bank. Here are some of them.

1. Let the cool air in.

Take advantage of the cooler weather at night by opening your windows and letting the cool air in. This way you won’t need to turn the A/C on. Just close the windows again when the temperature starts rising.

2. Keep the shades down.

During the day, it’s best to keep your window blinds closed to prevent sunlight from streaming in. A huge percentage of unwanted heat comes from windows so using blinds and curtains to prevent heat from coming in will lower the temperature indoors and save you money from huge energy bills too.

 3. Change your lights.

Not all lighting installations or fixtures are created equal. For instance, incandescent lights generate more heat and use up more energy, wasting about 90% of it in the heat they emit. Get rid of them and replace them with LED or CFL lights instead.

4. Plant a tree.

Big trees provide shade and that is why tree-shaded neighborhoods are at least 3 – 6 degrees cooler. Plant them on the south and west sides of your house and try to position them properly so that they can also shade your air conditioning units.

5. Close off unused rooms.

If you’re not using certain rooms during the day, close the doors so that cool air will not permeate in these areas.

6. Switch your bedding with the season.

When you’re house cleaning, switch up your bedding as well to something more appropriate for the season. Cotton is best for hot weather because it breathes easier and stays cooler.

7. Turn on your exhaust and bathroom fans.

Avoid washing, drying, showering, and cooking during mid-day because these activities tend to make the temperature more humid. But if you must, turn on your bathroom fans or exhaust fans to reduce humidity by pulling the warm, moist air out of your house.

8. Cook outdoors.

Cooking is a heat-generating activity. During hot days, avoid using your stove or oven and instead, go outside and fire up your outdoor grill.

9. Use indoor plants.

Indoor plants don’t only enhance your house visually but also help cool it down. Choose some nice small ones and scatter them around the house.

10. Paint your roof and walls white.

Got a flat roof? Painting it white or using specially formulated reflective paint will keep the rooms under it much cooler. While you’re at it, paint your walls white too to make your house look brighter and more refreshing.

11. Turn off electronic devices when not in use.

Electronic devices such as gadgets, appliances and others are the most common sources of internal heat. Be mindful when using them and make sure to turn them off when not in use not only to reduce heat but to decrease energy costs as well.

Turning on the A/C is not the only solution to staying cool inside your house. There are many cheap alternative cooling solutions available, such as these, that you can try.