Cleaning the house regularly – It’s for your health!

Discover the health benefits of a regularly cleaned house.

Do you have a friend that is super sloppy and couldn’t care less about the state of their home?  Have you told them “This is crazy! You need to clean your house!” a million times, but it never seems to affect their habits? Or perhaps, it’s actually you yourself that is guilty of being sloppy.  Maybe you should change approach – hinting that cleaning the house has legitimate health benefits. Unsurprisingly, the way we manage our home has a significant and direct effect on our everyday mental and physical health, and knowing it, you may be more inclined to start having a regular house cleaning schedule.

Lowers stress

When your home is messy, it is a constant reminder of everything that needs to be done. As you walk past a pile of dirty dishes, or a week’s worth of laundry, you’ll be dreading the thought of having to do it all later. Collectively, these tasks clutter your mind and stress you out. When you clean up after your daily activities and tidy belongings, your mind is freed, you feel relaxed and don’t have that panic of not finding items (such as keys!) when rushing out the door. Follow a cleaning routine to be happier and more relaxed!

Reducing allergy and asthma symptoms

Allergy and asthma sufferers beware! When we don’t have a cleaning schedule for our homes, we allow a buildup of dust on our walls, ceilings, benches, floors and baseboards. As someone who has allergies myself, I’ve always been full of self-regret when having to dust out cupboards after months. Sweeping away dust should be on top of your house cleaning checklist.

More opportunities to be sociable and hospitable

A messy home isn’t a pleasant place for guests. This causes unnecessary stress when madly rushing around to get your home ‘guest ready’, or alternatively, many simply stop inviting friends over. Instead, keep your home tidy (doesn’t have to be perfect but at least clean), so that you’re always ready to enjoy friends dropping by!

Increased productivity

In order to have a clear mind, it’s essential to have a clear working environment. No one wants to do work on a table that has dusty folders scattered across or a laptop with crumbs in the keyboard. Add “clearing working spaces” to your cleaning schedule, to declutter your mind and focus on effectively completing work tasks.

Kick start your own and your friends new ‘clean living’ lifestyle with a regular UrbanYou professional house cleaning service, weekly or fortnightly frequency. Once you have had a taste of your sparkling, organised home, you all will be motivated to keep it that way. 


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