Celebrate Flexible Working

We all could use more flexibility in our work lives.

Whether it’s getting to the bank during business hours, taking your pet to the veterinarian (which closes at 5pm) or attending your child’s school play, these are the parts of life that should not be or cannot be missed but they often take place smack bang in the middle of the traditional work day.

Whether it is staggered start times, working from home or job sharing when returning to work after a new addition to the family, flexible work options create higher employee retention, more motivated and ensures that no one misses out on life.

**A common fallacy with flexible work is that it is only suitable for new mums. What about the dads? They too desperately want to spend more time with the kids and would jump on a chance to work flexibly so as to attend certain family activities and not just hear about them around the dinner table.

At UrbanYou, we understand and support flexible work options. In our office, we have Mums and Dads, avid cyclists, and small business owners with busy personal lives who all need flexible work options to ensure that our work life balance is kept in check.

Our cleaners and gardeners are big fans of the flexible work revolution. Many of our cleaners are pursuing higher education (Masters of Accounting, Masters of Psychology etc.) and the ability to pick up shifts when their course work is light and then to focus solely on study when exams come around, is invaluable as most jobs do not allow that kind of flexibility. Also, some of our cleaners only work during school hours as they are the primary caregivers of their children. This eliminates the need to pay for childcare while still enables mums and dads to generate income.

Help us celebrate Flexible Work Day on June 6th