Help your mate and earn a FREE clean!

Thinking about your week, how much housework do you do? I bet it’s more than you thought.

Most Australians undertake a whopping 10-14 hours a week trying to keep on top of cleaning, tidying and laundry, in addition to working part or full time. Then, this total time sap doubles once kids arrive into the household!

Unfortunately, most of these tasks are still done by women, with a recent study finding 30% of men admitting they intentionally do a terrible job so their partner will not ask for help again. Yeah great, thanks guys!

Wouldn’t you rather spend those hours enjoying the better things in life, such as hanging with friends or taking up a hobby?

Refer A Mate! 

UrbanYou offers a Refer A Mate program, giving you the ability to earn a free clean while helping your friends get more time back in their busy day. Simply share your personal referral link and when your friend books a service, not only do they receive $20 discount, you also score $20 UrbanYou credits. It really is that easy to help those your care about, and then you’ll all have time to spend together!