5 All-Natural Cleaners for the Whole House

As a homeowner, we want to be able to protect our home through proper maintenance and judicious cleaning. Keeping things neat and tidy around the house not only keeps ourselves and our families healthy but also keeps our things in good working order longer.

Normally, when looking for cleaning products, most people would go directly to the store to buy some. But a lot of these products contain harsh or toxic chemicals that are bad for our health and the environment as well.

To avoid these toxic chemicals, it would be best to use products made of all-natural ingredients. But if you can’t find any, don’t fret. You can make green cleaning products from ingredients you’d normally already find in your house. Below, we’ve listed down some recipes for all-natural cleaners that we’ve found online.

1. Grapefruit and Salt Bathroom Cleaner

Who doesn’t love to bathe or shower in an immaculately clean bathroom? If your shower or tub is looking pretty ugly with a lot of stubborn rust, all you have to do is use grapefruit and coarse kosher salt. Just halve a grapefruit, sprinkle the salt on top and scrub it around your shower or tub. Rinse the area and voila, all the rust is gone! Use this method on you sinks, toilets and tiles as well to make your bathroom sparkling clean. (Photo Source)


2. Vinegar, Baking Soda and Vegetable Oil Kitchen Surface Cleaner

If you love cooking at home then for sure there’s one thing you hate cleaning in your kitchen afterwards – the grease. It can be quite challenging to clean up especially if left alone for some time. However, you can remove grease with ease just by using some kitchen staples such as vinegar, baking soda or vegetable oil. Simply apply generously any of these three items on the greased surface, wait for a few minutes then wipe it clean. (Photo Source)


3. Green Carpet Cleaner

Carpets need to be deep cleaned every so often. You can ask a cleaning service to do this for you. However, you can also do it yourself by just using salt, borax, white vinegar, a vacuum and a carpet steam cleaner. Vacuum the carpet first then apply the salt, borax and vinegar mixture on the soiled areas. Steam clean afterwards. (Photo Source)


4. Homemade DIY Natural Fabric Softeners

The chemicals found in commercial fabric softeners are sometimes so harsh that it affects our skin and causes allergies. Since these chemicals also become combined with the water that gets drained, it affects the environment as well. To avoid this, make an environmentally-friendly fabric softener instead. Some of the most popular options include using baking soda or vinegar. You’ll still get that cosy feeling while wearing your clothes without the overpowering scent. (Photo Source)


5. 3 Ingredient All-Purpose Cleaner

If you don’t have a lot of time to make so many different types of homemade cleaners, just make an all-purpose one. By simply mixing water, Hydrogen Peroxide and lemon juice, you’ll already have an inexpensive, non-toxic cleaner that you can use all around the house from wiping windows to whitening your clothes.

You no longer have to suffer from harsh chemicals when you clean your house. By experimenting with all-natural ingredients, you’ll be able to find homemade, non-toxic alternatives that will not only keep your house clean but keep you and your family healthy as well.

(Photo Source)

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