6 Time-Saving Cleaning Tips For Your Home

If you have a family, it often feels like all you do is clean up. No matter how much you clean, the house never quite looks good or appears clean. It’s also a subject that’s discussed intensely in parent groups – how tedious the whole process can be.

Now, you could throw in your towel and call a cleaner who’ll come in regularly and clean your home for you. But what happens in between visits? We share some house cleaning tips to keep the grime monster at bay and have your home looking good in between professional cleaning visits.

Soap scum in the shower

The shower can get quite neglected before you decide to tackle it and soap scum is a big challenge when it comes to cleaning your bathroom quickly. A quick cleaning tip is to keep a rubber squeegee handy in the bathroom and get everyone to wipe down the walls and tub after they’ve used it to stop soap scum building on it. It takes a couple of minutes to wipe it down but saves you almost an hour later trying to get rid of the hard scum. Plus you use less product saving you money in the long run.

Let sprays settle

Are you one of those people who’ll spray a surface and then immediately wipe it down? You’re doing it wrong. Many products work really well if you spray it and leave it for a while, then come in and wipe it off. This is especially relevant for busy workbenches, countertops and bathroom walls. Always test a small area first if it’s a new product.

Clean and declutter for 5-10 minutes daily

Assigning a half hour to cleaning a specific room everyday will reduce your cleaning time. If 30 minutes seems like too much time, break it down into chunks of 5-10 minutes which are easier to tackle than 2-3 hours at a stretch and definitely less tiring.

Storage, more storage

I love colourful baskets in which to store things – the bigger, the better. Storage is key to a neat and tidy home. If your entryway is overflowing with shoes and sports equipment, a few big baskets will help keep things organised and prevent a last minute scramble to locate missing items.

Label each basket with the name of a family member so no one mixes their things up with someone else’s – handy if you have two or more children. At cleaning time, simply toss the items into the right basket to keep the area tidy.

Fridge shelves

Tired of having to clean your fridge shelves of spills? Your fridge probably ends up dirty no matter how much time you spend cleaning it. Instead of removing the shelves and running them under water, place clear plastic wrap or absorbable fridge coasters on them. Throw them out when they’ve become dirty and replace with a clean sheet. A great hack for fridges which see a lot of action!

Cleaning toys

Think your dishwasher is just for washing dishes? You can clean all types of things in there from dirty, plastic toys to toothbrush holders and pet dishes. Toss a load of things in the dishwasher to save you hours of soaking and scrubbing.

We hope you enjoyed our household cleaning tips which are guaranteed to save you time. Share your favourite tip in the comments.