Autumn Home Cleaning Tips

Get ready for the colder months with these cleaning tips.

When you think of a deep clean, namely a spring clean, you may consider it as a rare annual event. A thorough home clean where you pull everything apart, get into those nooks and crannies, and hope it will last a year or so. Right? Sorry to burst your bubble, but one spring clean a year simply isn’t enough! Between having guests visit, leaving doors open, pets and kids running in from the backyard, and cooking up a storm, a deep home clean is something you should do AT LEAST twice per year.

If you can’t bring yourself to clean during the sweltering months, now is the perfect time! Sweep away the summer mess and prepare your home for the chilly winter days inside, with these easy ‘Autumn’ Cleaning tips:

Clean your roof gutters

Fallen autumn leaves are a beautiful thing, until they build up in your roof gutter. Not only do they collect dust and look unsightly, too many can be dangerous! Blocked down pipes cause havoc with leaks into the ceiling cavity, and dry leaves pose as a fire hazard. Best to dispose of leaves before it rains, otherwise, once sloshy wet and decomposed, you’ll be asking yourself: “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”

Grab your dusters

From BBQ’s in the backyard, to leaving windows open to enjoy the cool evening breeze, a lot of dust makes its way inside during summer.  A thorough dust of your home is needed, starting with ceiling fixtures, walls, windows, baseboards and then the floor.  Make sure you dust in this order! The other way around, you’ll be ruining all the hard work you’ve just done!

Get washing

Pretty sure we’ve all been in this situation: laundry is done, and very shortly after, it starts raining for a week. The laundry eventually dries but has this damp, pasty texture all over. Whether it’s floor mats, dog beds or blankets, try to wash now the items which are harder to dry in the cooler months.

Clean the kitchen

Gross Alert!! Preparing a salad on a toilet seat is likely to attract fewer bacteria than if you make it over a chopping board. The kitchen is one of the dirtiest, germ infested rooms in your home and must be cleaned regularly, regardless of the season.  Disinfect the sink and benchtop, wipe clean the microwave, and deep scrub grease from the oven. And don’t forget to sort your pantry properly! Dispose of all old foods, and store opened contents in airtight containers.

All sound too hard? No fear! Simply book an UrbanYou experienced and verified cleaner. Then put your feet up as a professional cleaner gives your home the ultimate refresh.


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