Top 5 Worst Mother’s Day Gifts

It is that time of year again, we all know we love and appreciate Mum all year long but now is the time to show it. We can’t tell you what your mum would like, but we can give you a few options to definitely avoid.

A “Mum” Tattoo

As much as she would appreciate the pain and commitment, there is literally no gift she would want less. If you feel the need to pay your mum a tribute in ink form, try a design that represents her instead, such as a favourite flower or animal.

Pet of any kind

Because we all know who this is really for…

“World’s Best Mum” mug

Just No. A mug that comes with a gift card for an entire month’s worth of coffee might be an option. This applies to wine glasses too, providing wine is also included in the bag.

Self-help books

No matter how life changing that new self-help book has been to you, this gift will almost always result in an argument.

Home Help IOU’s

This sounds like a cute idea, but these things aren’t worth the paper they are scrawled on. Instead, book a professional spring clean of the house and take her out for lunch. That way, she gets a day out and can come home to a sparkling house. Alternatively, get her a gift voucher and let her book it in at the best time for her.

Here is the thing…no matter what gift you buy or make for mum, she’ll love it. ? We wish all the super mums a Happy Mother’s Day!! Enjoy as you deserve to be spoilt.