Dating Rule No.1: Clean your Home!

How a clean first impression matters the most

The most commonly mentioned dating deal breakers would have to be heavy drinking, lying or cheating in a previous relationship. One deal breaker that isn’t frequently mentioned is a dirty home.  It’s not an obvious deal breaker because you’re dating the person, not their place. It should be, because when you’re dating someone there’s a large chance you’ll spend a significant amount of time in their house and vice versa. If you’re seeing someone new and know you have a tendency to be a bit sloppy, you might want to re-evaluate how often you clean your home. According to a survey by Daily Mail, interviewing thousands of single people, 67 per cent of them say that a nice, clean apartment would make them more interested in a romantic partner. We thought we would check this out ourselves asking people to tell us the worst places they’ve been invited to by a date:

“I went to this guy’s house after a date and asked if I could use the bathroom.  As soon as I opened the door, there was the most foul stench. I could see shaven stubble all over the sink, there was no toilet paper, and there was mold on the walls from all the condensation. To finish it off, there was the most disgusting toilet I’ve ever laid eyes on. I’m not going to go into detail, but it was gross enough for me to lie about feeling unwell, go home and never come back.  How can you be clean if the room you use to clean yourself is that filthy!?” [Tammy, Surry Hills]

“I was dating this girl who had a great sense of humour, was extremely laid back, and was very down to earth. After a couple of dates, she invited me over to her place. Upon arrival, I noticed two cats at the door, which I didn’t think much of. However what I did notice, was the cat poop and hairballs which had stained the carpet resulting in the most awful stench. Not to mention, there was cat hair EVERYWHERE. On the couch,  bed, and even in the towels. I really liked her, so I wanted to be honest and expressed that I couldn’t handle the mess from her cats. She suddenly became very defensive and we got into a very heated argument, in which I accidentally called her a cat lady…unsurprisingly, we never met up again after that” [Joan, Newtown]

“I was seeing this guy for a while but he was always coming to mine to hang out. I decided to return the favour one weekend. With just one foot in the door, I could see shoes and dirty socks strawn all over the foyer. It was unsettling, but could be ignored. Once he showed me the kitchen for a drink, that’s when it got really bad. There was grime all over the stove, the oven looked like it hadn’t been cleaned since World War II  and there was oil all over the wall and floor from the splashback, which I could feel on my feet. Not to mention the stack of unwashed dishes, which I honestly saw lies circling above them. We didn’t last very long after that. He would invite me to his place and I would refuse every time because I didn’t have the courage to tell him that his apartment was absolutely crummy and I didn’t want to be within in a 100 metres radius of that place” [Lucy, Manly]

After reading these stories we think it’s safe to say, for a good impression with a potential partner or romantic interest, it’s essential to have a clean and tidy place.  If you don’t,  you may see them walking (namely ‘running’) out the door (literally and figuratively). With UrbanYou Home Cleaning, you’ll have one less thing to worry about. Under our wing, you’ll never have to be in a cleaning frenzy before your hot date arrives! Moreover, don’t forget to spread the word to that friend, who still struggles to find the ‘other half’ ?