Don’t drown in your to-do list. Do this instead

Do you ever get to the end of the working week, only to realise you can’t have me-time on the weekend, because all those mundane, household jobs are waiting?

It’s a common problem, particularly when almost half (47.4 per cent) of two parent families have mum and dad working in some capacity. Add to the mix ferrying kids around to activities, helping with homework, and squeezing in exercise — well, you can see why the weekends are often set aside for chores.

Get more time

What if you could reclaim some of that time? Imagine spending weekends with your feet up instead of vacuuming.

Outsourcing your basic household chores can help you gain precious time, allowing you to relax or hang out with loved ones. Not only will you save yourself heaps of time, you’ll also feel happier and calmer, knowing there’s enough time to do all the things you love during the week.

So grab a cuppa and check out some great ideas on outsourcing chores around the house that’ll have you looking forward to the weekends again.

Order groceries online

Do you really want to battle through the supermarket crowds trying to push a trolley with a bung wheel, while simultaneously trying to stop your ‘helpful’ children from adding extra groceries to your shop?

Get rid of the stress (and the expense of extra purchases) by doing your weekly grocery shop online. At the click of a button, you can order all your groceries, and get it delivered to your door — at a time that’s convenient for you. Easy!

Did someone say dinner?

All that talk about groceries has made us hungry. But who really wants to cook every night? Well, with food delivery services you don’t have to. Choose your cuisine, order online through apps like Menulog, UBEReats or Foodora and restaurant-quality meals will lob up to your doorstep in no time – no greasy pizzas or fish and chips here. All you have to do is open the wine and choose what to watch on Netflix.

It’s a jungle out there

Are there more weeds in your garden than plants? Is the grass so high, you can barely see the letterbox? It might be time to call someone with a greener thumb to give you a hand. Whether it’s mowing the lawn, trimming trees, or all-out landscaping, professional companies such as UrbanYou can help transform your jungle into a garden by sending out professional gardeners to give you a hand.

Pamper your pup

Bathing and grooming a dog can be a frustrating and messy business. Why not treat your doggie and call in a dog groomer? They’ll come to you, pop your pooch in their purpose-built trailer and wash, trim and clip its claws. It’s all part of the service, as is dealing with a wet dog who thinks it’s fun to shake their soapy coat mid-way through their wash. If you need time to run errands but want a safe and secure environment for your pet whilst away, check out our friends who provide this highly regarded pet boarding service.

Flatten your workload…and save your sanity

Ironing is one of those chores that many of us hate, which may help explain why there are so many iron-free options for clothes these days. However, the reality is that business shirts, trousers and school uniforms still need ironing. By sending out a basket of ironing once a week, it may just save your sanity and free up valuable time.

Service with a smile

If your car needs servicing or some minor repairs, the last thing you want to do is to take a day off work and hang around a car dealership all day drinking bad coffee. With a few clicks, you can book a mobile mechanic to come and service the car at home, at a time that suits you. So you can get on with your daily to-do list.

Bring back the sparkle

Ah! Cleaning might be the most eye rolling and tedious chore you have to do. There are so many nooks and crannies to get into, and there’s always a spot or two you end up missing. However, you can ensure your house sparkles by hiring house cleaners in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane from a company like UrbanYou.

UrbanYou is changing the way Aussies buy home services. Busy people can now instantly connect with trusted service professionals and manage all their property needs through the UrbanYou platform. Cleaning day will be a highlight of your week when you book home cleaning services that come to you at a time and date you need.

So now you’ve freed up your weekend, what are you going to do with all that extra time?