End of Lease Nightmares – What’s your story?

How fussy is your property manager?

Property agents, what would we do without them? If you’ve rented a fair bit in your time, there’s a very high probability that you’ve met an agent who’s made your life a living hell. An agent that is extremely difficult about cleaning can make an end of tenancy a very challenging process, especially if you’re aiming to get your rental bond back in full. Think you’ve dealt with the worst? Wait till you hear these end of lease horror stories!

The Mysterious Cookie Monster

“I decided to not hire any cleaning agency for my exit clean, because pretty confident of my household skills and experience. My kitchen was in immaculate condition and looked way cleaner than when I arrived.  As the agent checked the oven, stove, and sink, I was chuffed, because I knew they were absolutely spotless. But then he opened a cupboard, and somehow, there were cookie crumbs hiding in the back corner. It was literally the only thing wrong in the entire house,  and he threatened to withhold part my rental bond.”      [Maddy – Maroubra]

“You’re making my hair fall out!”

“After a thorough steam clean, my carpet was soft, fresh and smelling fantastic. If I didn’t have the property inspection, I would have just rolled around in it all day. When the agent inspecting the carpet, he noticed a couple of hair strands. I said it must have just fallen out because I spent hardly any time in the rooms once they had been steam cleaned.  He insisted it was an indication it was not cleaned and we argued for a solid 10 minutes.”      [Vanessa – Roselle]

The perfect storm

We had a storm the day the agent came for the inspection and the rain was torrential. The agent was running late and when he came into the house he barged straight in with his wet muddy shoes, which we had spent hours cleaning.  Everything was going fine, but on his way out he noticed his own muddy footprints and remarked that muddy floor boards were unacceptable if we wanted to get our bond back. How ridiculous!      [James – Baulkham Hills]


We have a confession. It’s April Fools today so that was all just a joke! None of these stories ACTUALLY happened, agents aren’t THAT crazy.  That being said, agents can be extremely meticulous and pedantic when it comes to exit cleaning. Save yourself the worry and book an End of Lease Cleaning Service Cleaning Service with an UrbanYou professional team, you’ll get your bond back, 100% guaranteed.


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