Gift Ideas for a Second Time Mum

Been invited to a friend or family’s second baby shower and stuck for gifts? By the second baby, mums aren’t too excited about gifts like their first baby clothes, cot, or a fancy dummy. What was once a novelty has now just become the every day standard quo. As a second time mum, they’re more likely to appreciate gifts that have more of a practical use.   If you’re a bit stumped on ideas, consider the following.

Vouchers to baby stores

Baby store gift vouchers means she can pick and choose what she needs and likes, meaning you don’t have to worry about her not liking or needing the present that you have given her.

A jumbo pack of nappies

So perhaps this isn’t the most glamorous present, but it certainly would be useful. Nappies aren’t cheap stuff and there’s A LOT to buy before a mum even thinks about potty training.   With this gift, you give the mum one less thing to worry about that is actually really important for the baby.

Offer a baby sit

It can be difficult to take care of two children at once, especially when one is a newborn. Lighten her load, and let her spend more time with the baby by offering to babysit the older child every now and then. Offer to take them to the park or beach, so that when they return they’re slightly more wound down.

Delivered Food Gift Card

Taking care of one kid, a newborn AND cooking? No thanks. Like the former isn’t enough already! Most second time mums have their hands extremely full, between looking after her children, cleaning the house and what not. With vouchers from places like Deliveroo or Foodora, a hot, delicious meal is only a few fingertips away.

 Massage and spa treatment

Having another baby can really take a physical toll. Offer the mum a massage and spa treatment. It will be the perfect time and space to mentally and physically unwind. She’ll be away from her partner and kids, and no one will be able to bother her.

UrbanYou Gift Card

If you’re still stumped on ideas, and sceptical about whether any of these gifts would be appreciated, consider buying her an UrbanYou gift voucher. It’s a gift she’ll love, guaranteed. The more children you have, the messier the house will become. The voucher will come in handy whenever the house is in desperate need of a clean, but she simply doesn’t have the time or energy.