House Spring Cleaning Checklist Room by Room

The Ultimate House Spring Cleaning Checklist Room by Room

Looking for a complete house spring cleaning checklist to clean every room in your house? Here is a room by room guide to ensure your house is ready for the Spring!

When we think of a DIY spring clean, there are a common set of activities we first think of: vacuum and mop the floors, dust every visible surface, give them a wipe and clean our mirrors and windows. However a proper spring clean is much more detailed than that. There’s many smaller details in each room which require your attention for a professional level spring clean. Can’t think of what they are for each room? Luckily you don’t have to, with our room by room spring cleaning checklist.  

Spring cleaning your kitchen:

  1. Wipe the bench top and splash back: although we clean our bench-tops in everyday cleaning (well, I would hope you do), one thing commonly ignored is the kitchen splash back. There’s a fair amount of oil and grime that builds on splash backs, so this is a must during a kitchen spring cleaning.
  2. Stove top and oven front: using the same stove top over and over can result in the stove top getting littered with food spillages and oil. Give your stove top and oven front a good scrub and then wipe.
  3. Polish taps and sink: the sink tap and basin are actually two of the most germ-infested parts of the kitchen, so give them a good disinfecting and polish.
  4. Clean exterior of cabinets and pantry: although no actual cooking occurs on these surfaces, we commonly touch them when our hands are dirty, or sometimes there are food spills, so it’s not difficult for them to have an unkempt appearance. Taking this extra step will make all the difference, and will have your kitchen looking and feeling a lot cleaner.

Spring clean your bathroom & laundry:

  1. Clean shower tiles and shower screen: despite being where we clean ourselves, showers can actually get pretty dirty. Give your tiles a good scrub, especially in the grout areas, and clean your shower screen. A freshly cleaned shower screen will definitely brighten up the appearance of your bathroom.  
  2. Sanitise your toilet: this is a must when you spring clean your house and we really shouldn’t have to explain why. Seems pretty self-explanatory.
  3. Polish faucets and sink: similarly to the kitchen, faucets, and sinks harbors a lot of germs, so give these a good clean.
  4. Remove mould: mould in your tiles or walls can make a room look a lot less polished. Apply mould removal to your tiles and grouting for a thorough sparkling finish.
  5. Wipe shelves and cabinets: cabinets get dirty in the kitchen, and same goes for in the bathroom. Sometimes we spill soaps, lotions or detergents on these surfaces, and they stick.
  6. Dust air vents: bathrooms and laundries are fairly damp rooms which require proper ventilation, however, this can only be done with a clean vent. Dust and clean your air vents to ensure they are properly ventilated.

Spring cleaning your bedroom and living room:

  1. Dust-dust-dust: the first step to properly spring cleaning your living or bedroom is to dust every visible surface. Dust your furniture, skirting boards, tables, chairs, wardrobes, cabinets and any electronic devices. A thorough dust before wiping and disinfecting ensures a deep, intensive clean.
  2. Keep an eye on detail:  the best spring cleaning checklists are those that keep a keen eye on detail. It is these small differences that elevate your clean from a standard home clean to a spring clean. Wipe your door handles, light switches and powerpoints, and wipe your door exteriors and frames.

With our spring cleaning checklist, you’ll be set to have a spotless, sparkling home. However not all of us have the time, energy or skill to clean to this extent, which is incredibly extensive. Save yourself the trouble, and book a house spring cleaning service with UrbanYou. All of our spring cleaners are the best in the area, have had years of experience and proven customer satisfaction.