How to Clean Up After a Party | After Party Cleaning Tips

As you might already know, all good things must come to an end. After throwing a wild house party, unfortunately, we’ll have to deal with the mess the day after. It’s just too much to bear or to ignore. If you ever feel a little overwhelmed and don’t know how to start a post party clean, you might want to try our Post Party Clean Starter Kit.  

1. Start with the lounge room

This is where most of the activities occurred, so it’s probably the best place to start. Once you get over the hurdle of the living room, everything else will be easier. Grab a big bin, and throw in any rubbish to declutter the room quickly. Inspect your couch, look for spills or crumbs inside and give it a good wipe and vacuuming. 

2. Search for stains

Wherever there’s alcohol, there are clumsy people spilling their drinks on themselves, on each other and on your furniture. Inspect the house for any stains, the sooner you spot them out the better, as stains are easier to remove when they’re still fresh.

3. Disinfect your bathroom

This is just an obvious must-do. Who knows what happened in that bathroom the night before. I don’t even want to think about what kind of bodily fluids could be found in there after a party. Give everything a good disinfecting and clean. I mean literally everything!

4. Wash Hand Towels

Shared hand towels at a party are fair game and it’s pretty much impossible to control what people used them for. Gather any you left out the night before, and chuck them all in the washing machine with a lot of bleach.

5. Check your bedrooms

Check all of the bedrooms and if any of them look like they’ve been slept in when they weren’t meant to be, take off all the linen and give them a thorough ‘deep’ wash.

But if you’re too hungover, and would rather spend the Sunday after having a brunch or recovering in a hangover clinic,  you’re probably best calling UrbanYou for an After Party Clean. We’ll get your home back into functioning order, while you recover from last night’s antics!