How to Clean Your Carpet | Best Carpet Cleaning Tips

Best Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Carpets. Unlike floorboards, they’re soft, plush and very comfortable on your feet. The serious drawback is carpet cleaning, it takes hard work to maintain a clean carpet. Its texture means a lot of things go unnoticed. Spills, dust, food crumbs, they can all be quite hard to see on a carpet. If your carpet has been looking a little worse for wear lately, you may want to consider trying some of our carpet cleaning tips:


  • If you’re planning to vacuum wall to wall, it’s a good tip to divide your room into quadrants and then vacuum each quadrant in a clockwise order. It’s the most methodical way of cleaning and ensures you don’t undo any of the work you’ve just done.
  • When vacuuming, pay more attention to where people sit and move their feet. These are high traffic areas, so they’re bound to have more dirt and dust.  

Carpet Spillages

  • The most important tip when dealing with any spillage is acting quickly. The moment you notice a spill, clean it immediately.  The sooner you do, the higher your chance of completely removing the stain.
  • However! Don’t jump in with a cleaning solution and cloth and attempt to rub the stain away. Only blot the area first before applying any solution, to draw out the most moisture. A good tip is to work outside towards the inside to avoid spreading the stain.

Removing Odours

  • For a simple and easy way to deodorise your carpet, simply grab some baking soda, sprinkle it liberally over your carpet, and leave it to sit for an hour. Removal is simple, just vacuum it up!
  • Vinegar is also another natural and easy solution. Spray vinegar onto your carpet, and leave to dry. Once it dries, it will be completely odorless.

Carpet Steam cleaning

  • Although regular vacuuming does keep your carpets clean, it won’t be anywhere near as thorough or deep as a good carpet steam cleaning. Carpet manufacturers commonly recommend steam cleaning as the preferred method of carpet cleaning, which can improve its longevity.
  • Before steam cleaning, make sure your carpet is completely dry to start with. However, it’s important not to get the carpet too wet. Over-wetting can cause damage, cause shrinkages, discolouration, and odors.

Although it’s certainly possible to do a decent DIY job on carpet cleaning, not everyone has the time or energy to go through so many processes. The quick and simple solution to keeping your carpets clean is booking a carpet cleaning service with UrbanYou. We have a highly specialised network of cleaning professionals in both Melbourne and Sydney, who know exactly how to get your carpet into prime condition.