How to Keep Your House Ready for Unexpected Guests

The Must-Have Guide to handling last minute Easter Guests!

Easter is a festive time, full of lovely company and delicious food as any holiday period. However, it’s also a time where you may have a lot of unexpected guests. You may have friends or family on their way to town for the weekend to celebrate the festivities, and have decided to unexpectedly pop by your place for a cuppa tea or to drop off some Easter goodies. If you’re like most of us, and your house isn’t always in an acceptable condition for guests, you might want to give these handy pointers a go, so you’ll never have to be in a scramble trying to hide all of your mess!

  • Organise the Entryway

First impressions do count. The Entry way, the first room we walk in, it’s the room you want to ensure is always clean and tidy. You can do this by installing coat hangers into your wall and a shelf for your shoes. Don’t become lazy and drop them onto the floor, it’s not a good look! It’s also handy to have a mail holder, so that your mail isn’t strewn all over the counter.

  • Wipe the Kitchen

How it’s tempting to leave that pile of dishes soaking in the sink and say “I’ll do it tomorrow”, but that rarely happens. Get the job out of the way and make sure every time you use the kitchen you get the dishes done and give every spot a deep wipe. Your efforts will be worth it when you consistently have a clean kitchen.

  • Declutter the Bathroom

There is no doubt that guests judge us on the state of our bathrooms.  Make an effort to declutter and wipe the mirror and countertop every night. If you want your bathroom to truly sparkle, make a habit of cleaning your shower with a squeegee every time you take showers.

  • Vacuum the Lounge Room

For Easter guests, this room is particularly important because it is where your guests will probably be spending the majority of the time. Keep a basket or organiser in your lounge so that any clutter can quickly be put away. At the end of each night, make sure to wipe your coffee table, and be diligent with vacuuming the couch at least once a week.

  • Refresh the Floors

To minimise dirt on your floorboards, avoid wearing shoes inside the house, because you’re just bringing in unnecessary dust or other from outside. Frequently open your windows to let in some fresh air and prevent humidity in your house. Giving your house a light dust at the end of every single week is a must!

Or, if that all sounds a little too difficult, just organise a Spring Clean with an UrbanYou professional teama deep top-to-bottom home refresh, meaning you won’t have to worry about the state of your home if you have guests coming over!