How To Spruce Up Your Bathroom | UrbanYou | DIY Tips

The bathroom is often a somewhat neglected part of the home.  Compared to the bedroom or lounge, they’re often rather plain and little un kept, with not much thought into how they actually appear. Sure, they aren’t used for the most delightful of activities but then again, it is still part of your home, and thus it deserves a little attention. If you’re looking for a bit of a bathroom spruce up, it doesn’t require a lot of money, nor a lot of effort.  Give the following a crack and you’re on your way.

  1. Clean your mirror regularly

It may seem a little obvious, but the good old clean of the mirror can go a long way.  Not only will it make your mirror look polished and brand new, there’ll be a much brighter reflection of light, which can lighten a dull room.  Which moves us onto the next point.

  1. A new light

In every room, what light you install can dramatically alter its appearance, as well the atmosphere.  In a bathroom you’d typically attempt to set a relaxing mood, so if you’re thinking of installing cool white lights, avoid having too many.  Not only is it too bright, but sometimes it can feel a little clinical.

  1. A fresh layer of paint, or perhaps a feature wall

Applying a fresh layer of paint on all walls, or even just one feature wall, is a great, efficient way of giving your bathroom a bit of a revamp.  Go for a fresh layer of the already faded color for a little touch up, or a wildly different one for a complete make over.

  1. Sink Accessories

These subtle touches can make a huge impact in sprucing up your bathroom.  They add small decorative touches to your bathroom and make quite unattractive items, so to speak, a little more eye pleasing. When you walk into a bathroom, you’re much more likely to be impressed if you see a dainty or quirky little soap dispenser or holder, rather than a plastic Dettol soap dispenser.

  1. Organisers

One thing that really ruins the appearance of any room, is clutter. It’s especially bad in the bathroom because it usually consists of hygiene and grooming items, which aren’t particularly the most pleasant thing to see walking into a room.  Organized drawers, or even just decorated tins or jars ensures that your bathroom is always looking neat and tidy.