Is your home ready for spring entertaining?

Your home collects a lot of dust and grime during winter because really who wants to clean when it’s gloomy and cold outside? With spring finally here (we hope you’ve been having better weather so far than us in Sydney), it’s time to clean! Spring cleaning your home can be a rejuvenating process but if you don’t enjoy it as much as we do, follow our spring cleaning tips to get your home sparkling and ready for some entertaining – in as little time as possible.

Clean your dishwasher

We tend to take our appliances for granted until gasp! something goes wrong. Start your spring cleaning in the kitchen by cleaning your dishwasher. Bits of food often accumulate in the bottom of the machine so clean it out with a paper towel. Remove the filter, soak it in warm, soapy water for about 10 minutes to remove any hidden grime. Run the machine again with a dishwashing cleaner or one cup of white vinegar to remove any clogging in the pipes and to sanitise it. Result: dishes come out sparkling and clean when you use it after a dinner party.

Shake mats out

The mats in the front of the house absorb mud, dirt and water. Check if they can be cleaned first – shake them out to remove any dust and dry mud and give it a thorough beating to get them looking nice and new. If they’re worn out, replace with some new ones from your local Bunnings or home decor shop. A good mat should look welcoming to guests and help to protect surfaces from shoes – whether you go for rubber or coir depends on where it’s being used in the home.

Wipe picture frames

You need a wet and dry cloth to wipe down picture frames. Start with the room containing the most photos and work your way down. Take down the photos one by one and wipe first with the damp cloth and then dry with the clean cloth, paying attention to corners where the dust often collects. Experts advise against using any chemicals to clean the glass or frames as it can get inside the frame or artwork and spoil the picture.

Clean sofas and chairs

We often curl up with various drinks or eat food on sofas while watching TV. If your sofas are looking a little worn out after a winter of heavy use, book an upholstery cleaning service or hire a machine if you want to DIY. Cleaning sofa fabrics, arms and cushions will remove dirt, oil and stains leaving them fresh and ready for months of entertaining. Test a small patch of fabric before using it and ensure you know which fabric is used on the sofas and chairs. Open up windows to increase the flow of air so furniture dries faster. If you don’t want to spend an afternoon lugging around heavy furniture call in an upholstery cleaner.

Prepare a checklist

You know that spring comes every year and the same areas are to be cleaned next year, so prepare a checklist for your home to remove any guesswork and allow you to prepare efficiently. This checklist can help you to clean all the major rooms and prevent any areas from being missed. Use the same process when planning to entertain friends and family.

An event planning checklist can come in handy when you’re having people over. As any good host or hostess knows, preparation is key to making sure guests have a good time and you’re not running around like a headless chook.

Before hosting the actual dinner party or BBQ or lunch, write down a list of what needs to be done before, during and after the party. Splash out on some fancy stationery or a planner to help you get in the mood – if you don’t like making lists!

We hoped you liked our cleaning tips for your home. What other tips would you add to this spring cleaning list?