Outsource Your Household Cleaning with UrbanYou | Easiest Way To Book Home Services

Demand for cleaning services has been steady over time, largely driven by outsourcing trends, the growing number of businesses across the economy and the lack of time.  In 2016, The Today Show took a look at how Aussies can say goodbye to household chores with UrbanYou!

“Lisa is always trying to get out of the house except Pete has to do it (cleaning) on the weekend. How do we get out of housework?” – Karl Stefanovic

Australia has increasingly outsourced cleaning activities so they can concentrate on activities that matter to them the most. The rise in demand for residential cleaning services and Airbnb cleans prompted from single working class busy professionals to high-and-dual income households, especially ageing residents and families with big homes and rise in property prices.

UrbanYou was created because the co-founders didn’t have time to wait around at home for a tradie, and found it difficult to find someone at short notice that they could trust enough to let into their homes.

Urban­You’s real competition is the offline, black market cleaning. Ms Edelstein, co-founder said that “Traditionally, we’ve been taking on the cash economy. There’s $15 billion spent every year in home and garden services”.

Outside of property owners, UrbanYou encourages regular cleaning especially with tenants renting properties.  Ms Keeley, co-founder surveyed and found that one in five NSW renters had lost part of their bond to a landlord who claimed their properties weren’t cleaned properly before being vacated.