Top tips to get your spring garden blooming

With the arrival of spring comes slightly longer days, warm, golden sunshine and lots of gorgeous blooms in your spring garden. If you have neglected your garden during winter, don’t despair! UrbanYou’s network of gardeners share their top gardening tips with you on getting your garden ready in spring – yes it’s not too late so read on.

Weed and prune

Old leaves, dead roots and weeds are probably littering and choking some parts of your garden. Spend at least two to three hours to remove these weeds and pull up roots. You can either do this manually or use a product like this one to kill the weeds, remove pests and fertilise your soil at the same time. Follow the instructions carefully.

Prune branches and remove dead leaves to allow new growth to come through easily. Aerate the soil using a garden fork to ensure more oxygen gets to seeds, break up clumps of soil to get the ground smooth for planting and expose any pests to the sun.

Fertilise soil

To give your garden a dose of goodness, fertilise the soil before planting anything. Fertilisers help in replenishing lost nutrients to the soil, have nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium ready and waiting for new plant growth, ensuring plants grow healthy and strong.  Think of fertiliser as the 3 fruit and 2 veg type of food for your garden.

Add colour with pots

I love pots, the more colourful the better! Pots of different colours and sizes can really liven up your garden turning into a beautiful oasis. If you’re one of those DIY types check out this awesome video on how to decorate your own pots in the comfort of your home. Mix it up with different colours, shapes and sizes. Get the kids involved in growing their own veggies in DIY decorated pots for a fun holiday activity.

For those of us living in apartments, you can still enjoy these spring activities. Don’t miss out on adding a splash of colour using some low maintenance, Australian plants and flowers to your balconies or sunrooms to enjoy in the warmer season. The right outdoor furniture with an artfully draped throw, pictures or plants on the walls can also turn your dreary space into a space worth using. Have a theme in mind and decorate away.

Hire an UrbanYou gardener

With school holidays upon us, you may not have enough time to devote to your garden. Why not a hire a gardener for a few hours to do the grunt work so you can have fun planting and decorating with kids later? Our gardeners come to your door at a time specified by you. They bring their own supplies and can customise the gardening service to your needs. We offer all types of services from lawn mowing to a full garden spring clean. Our gardeners can also offer you garden design tips as part of the service. Book it online and get a quote in 60 seconds – it’s that easy.

Watch out for pests

Pesky creatures like aphids wait for spring so they can feast on the new plants. Ask your local flower shop or Bunnings for the right product to get rid of these pests and follow instructions carefully at the time of application.

Shop for plants and seeds

This is the best part of preparing your garden for spring and needs a half day outing. Is there anything more pleasurable than wandering through your local flower shop choosing the right plant or flowers? Check out catalogues and deals beforehand and go to where the best deals are.

Before spending money for that beautiful looking flower, consider what your garden needs are. Do you want something low maintenance which is evergreen all year around? Or are you happy for the plant to shed leaves in winter and only bloom in spring? Will you have time to look after it yourself or a will a gardener need to look after it?

Get advice from the friendly horticulturists who often work in these shops – they’re a wealth of information.

We hope you enjoyed these spring gardening tips. Tell us which is your go-to plant or flower to plant in your garden in spring.