What will chores be like in 2018 and beyond?

Can you imagine a life without Wi-Fi, Facebook or even UBER? We are moving closer to a world in which technology is such a crucial part of how we live, that when Facebook doesn’t load, there’s mass panic on Twitter! In Australia, technology has affected how we do basic household chores. Technology has also changed the way we eat food, clean

10 Surprising Ways to Clean with Baking Soda for a Spotless House

During the ancient times, baking soda was also used for personal care like toothpaste, facial cleanser and body soap. While I am aware of these and other cleaning hacks available online, adding these baking soda hacks to your list is relatively important, too. One, it is economical and convenient. T

Outsource Your Household Cleaning with UrbanYou | Easiest Way To Book Home Services

Demand for cleaning services has been steady over time, largely driven by outsourcing trends, the growing number of businesses across the economy and the lack of time.  In 2016, The Today Show took a look at how Aussies can say goodbye to household chores with UrbanYou! "Lisa is always trying to

“Sweeping The Dust” for Lunar New Year | Cultural Cleaning Beliefs

Did you know Spring Cleaning and Asian New Year Traditions share in their significance? The Asian community start preparing as early as Day 12 of the lunar calendar (8th February 2018).  They carry out a spring clean of their home where it is also known as 'sweeping the dust' or 'sweeping aw

Prevent the Build Up of Dust

In spring, you’re most likely to find your home dusty. Take this time at home to do some spring cleaning to keep everything spic and span and your home dust-free. While it’s necessary to call a cleaning service to tend to harder-to-clean parts of your house, you can easily do some of the foll