House Spring Cleaning Checklist Room by Room

The Ultimate House Spring Cleaning Checklist Room by Room Looking for a complete house spring cleaning checklist to clean every room in your house? Here is a room by room guide to ensure your house is ready for the Spring! When we think of a DIY spring clean, there are a common set of activities we first think of: vacuum and mop the floors, dus

How to Clean Your Carpet | Best Carpet Cleaning Tips

Best Carpet Cleaning Solutions Carpets. Unlike floorboards, they’re soft, plush and very comfortable on your feet. The serious drawback is carpet cleaning, it takes hard work to maintain a clean carpet. Its texture means a lot of things go unnoticed. Spills, dust, food crumbs, they can all be qui

How to Clean Up After a Party | After Party Cleaning Tips

As you might already know, all good things must come to an end. After throwing a wild house party, unfortunately, we’ll have to deal with the mess the day after. It’s just too much to bear or to ignore. If you ever feel a little overwhelmed and don’t know how to start a post party clean, you m

How to Clean Shower Glass | Best Ways to Keep Shower Doors Clean

How to Clean Glass Shower Screen & Doors Despite being the place where we keep ourselves clean, showers can actually be pretty dirty. With all the moisture and mildew, it’s the perfect place for grime and dirt to build up. One common problem we all have is cloudy or dirty shower screens, whic

How to Clean Your Desk | Office Desk Organisation Tips

How To Clean Your Desk When we think about what we have to clean, there’s one thing we all tend to overlook, and that is our office desk.   We spend 5 days a week living, breathing, even eating on those desks, so it’s definitely worth the time to clean. Maintaining the surrounding office is i