The Perfect Gift for Mums

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and for all you mums out there that means Mother’s Day gifts from your kids, partners and friends. Flowers, chocolates and CDs? They’re great, and always appreciated. Cleaning the house? An even better gesture, shows they appreciate and understand what you do for them. However if the kids are cleaning t

Top 3 Environmentally Friendly Cleaners | Green Cleaning Products

Be Clean ✨ Be Green ? Save the Earth ? There’s an incredibly long list of the things that we do on an everyday basis that isn't great for the environment. Driving, watching television, and even eating meat. Unfortunately, one to add to the list is cleaning. All of the products we use, go st

Top Five Cleaning Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Cleaning is no fun activity, it's arduous and boring, but alas, it must be done! We try to whizz through it as fast as possible, but what often happens is we end up overlooking certain things that don’t maximise our cleaning efforts. To make sure you get the best clean possible, avoid making these

How to Keep Your House Ready for Unexpected Guests

The Must-Have Guide to handling last minute Easter Guests! Easter is a festive time, full of lovely company and delicious food as any holiday period. However, it’s also a time where you may have a lot of unexpected guests. You may have friends or family on their way to town for the weekend to c

Dating Rule No.1: Clean your Home!

How a clean first impression matters the most The most commonly mentioned dating deal breakers would have to be heavy drinking, lying or cheating in a previous relationship. One deal breaker that isn’t frequently mentioned is a dirty home.  It’s not an obvious deal breaker because you’re d