Women in Business

Host Tracey Sheen speaks with two founders whose businesses do not fit your traditional ‘run of the mill’ kind of business model. Two formidable female entrepreneurs (Elysse Daniels - Exodus Wear, and Elke Keeley – UrbanYou) waving the flag for all women in business and inspiring us to keep on our path and keep forging ahead.

Post Renovation Cleaning

A completed renovation is a beautiful thing. Between dodgy tradies, missing materials and unlucky weather, it’s a miracle when it’s all finally over. Except, (yes there’s always a but), it isn’t truly over until you’ve done a post renovation clean. Post renovation cleans can be a little da

Gift Ideas for a Second Time Mum

Been invited to a friend or family’s second baby shower and stuck for gifts? By the second baby, mums aren’t too excited about gifts like their first baby clothes, cot, or a fancy dummy. What was once a novelty has now just become the every day standard quo. As a second time mum, they’re more

How To Remove Pet Hair

If you’ve ever owned a cat or dog, chances are you’d be aware of the nightmare that is pet hair.  For indoor pets especially, it seems to be everywhere, on every possible fabric of your household.  Your clothes, carpets, bed linen, couches, cushions … It’s almost like no amount of groom