Preparing your home for sale

So you’ve decided to sell your home now that it’s spring and lots of eager buyers are flooding the market. Did you know it’s the little touches that appeal to potential buyers - the fresh flowers placed in the lounge, the smell of cinnamon or vanilla wafting through the air? The key to preparing your home for a successful spring sale is to im

Top tips to get your spring garden blooming

With the arrival of spring comes slightly longer days, warm, golden sunshine and lots of gorgeous blooms in your spring garden. If you have neglected your garden during winter, don’t despair! UrbanYou’s network of gardeners share their top gardening tips with you on getting your garden ready in

Grow your network to increase your chances of funding

Raising capital is a challenge many entrepreneurs face no matter where they are on their journey. As UrbanYou kicks off a Series A round they share tips learnt along the way.